Friday, January 18, 2008

yep, i'm a capitalist pig.

i'm going to make a very large quantity of kimchee and then sell it, for $5 or $6 per pint jar (plus a deposit on the jar itself). it will be vegan and raw and organic and spicy and as local as possible (it is january in new york, after all, but i think there are cabbages and carrots from local farmers still).

if anybody knows they want some, give me a heads up. i'll probably make 5 gallons of it (that's 40 pints) if there's enough interest. it could be ready in a few weeks, depending on how i get the cabbage. (update, i can get the cabbage tomorrow, but i still need giant glass jars or a crock.)

so let me know if you will want any. i'll probably make some with ginger and some without and i can't promise every jar is going to taste the same, but the first two batches i made were quite good.

also, if anybody happens to have a five gallon ceramic crock gathering dust somewhere, i'd love to buy it.

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Tao Lin said...

i want 3 jars of kimchee