Saturday, January 12, 2008

snobby peanut butter probably cheaper than store-bought

i made some peanut butter with the raw organic peanuts from the co-op. since they're not roasted and oily, it would have been too dry to turn into butter, so i added a little bit of organic olive oil and raw honey. then i added some celtic sea salt and put it all in a cuisinart until it turned into peanut butter. i think it's the best peanut butter i've ever had. no joke.
the kombucha is kinda bubbly and the starter is splitting into two starters! it smells pretty ripe, but i'll let it go until wednesday.


Rhys said...

That sounds delicious. What would happen if you tried it with almonds?

carmichael said...

it would be better for you and three times as expensive.
mmm. almonds. they don't really get as creamy. sunflower seeds might be good.

hi rhys!
i want to read about madi.

Andrew said...

Honey? Bee spit and pollen? Mmm, sounds almost as good as cockroach juice.

chris said...

i have some seriously fond memories of the circa 2004 co-op basement nut butter operation.

carmichael said...


chris--- tell me about the nut butter project. was it shut down for being a health violation or something? did you have big grinders down there? what did people make?
i'd like to make some peanut butter with coconut oil and dried fruit in it. mmm. next.
andrew-- i like that the honey is local and that i know where it came from (at least, i know the beekeeper's son). i am aware that it is bee spit and that bees are sort of sentient. i don't know, i don't really have a lot of empathy for bugs.

chris said...

during my co-op tenure (2004-05), there was an extra coffee grinder in the basement, which was to be used upon member request for nut butters, but was being kept sort of hush-hush for fear of code-related reprisal. the ritual of leading someone, bulk bag of nuts in hand, into the catacombs for the purposes of this operation was always, to me, endlessly amusing.

while i do not have much empathy for insects either, it is worth noting on a "wtf" level that bees have been living in highly stratified city-states characterized by caste-based division of labor, practicing crop management, urban planning, sign language, numerology, astronomy, war, and euthanasia for millenia longer than humans. in a sense, it's arguable that we could only have gotten this seriously mixed bag of concepts through observing the bee and attempting to implement its habits. weird.

carmichael said...

that is bizarre.
i'm going to look into this.
bee numerology?