Wednesday, January 9, 2008

alien fetus #1

a comrade a the 4th street co-op gave me a slimy white kombucha starter. (i told you they were good people!)
anyway. i wanted to take a picture, but when i picked up my camera last week to take some other picture of something else, i saw that the lens was mysteriously scratched to the point of uselessness. lens means lentil. i'll try to get the camera repaired.
it just looks like black tea in a glass vase with a du-rag on top of it, and an alien fetus floating inside. i used orange pekoe. i washed my hands a lot, and i washed the vase a lot but i'm just inherently dirty all the time, so we'll know soon whether i killed it.

join the 4th st. co-op. do it.

also, about not drinking or anything. i got really drunk last night but i feel good about it. like it was a good time and place to get drunk and it was fun. that's all. though i think the sugar in the margaritas sealed the deal on my getting a new cavity.


John Plummer said...

i look forward to hearing how the kombucha goes - have thought about trying it but have not. i went to hear sandor katz on sunday, and he was great - very good sauerkraut and kim chee demonstration.

carmichael said...

the kombucha looks inert right now, but it's only been one day.

did sandor katz say anything about salt content in sauerkraut and kimchee? the kimchee i like to buy had very little salt in it, but when i make it, and when i've seen other people make it, a lot of salt goes in. did he say anything interesting about that?

John Plummer said...

yes, he talked about that. he said he usually uses much less salt than is traditional, for health reasons, and it works fine. the salt does help to make sure that you get the right microorganisms (which are salt tolerant) as opposed to the unpleasant ones (which do not like salt), so it does serve a purpose, but can be much reduced and still work fine. he said you can make sauerkraut with no salt at all, but you run more of a risk of it going bad. his instruction was to "lightly salt" the vegetables after chopping or shredding them.

carmichael said...