Thursday, January 24, 2008

what day is it?


1) kimchee will be done soon, i think. we've got kimchee with ginger, pink kimchee with ginger, and jalepeno garlic kimchee with no ginger. it all has green cabbage, carrots, leeks, and daikon, all local and organic. garlic and ginger and peppers are not local but the ginger is at least organic.

i'm going to make some more pickles with cabbage and watermelon radishes today, i don't think i can call this kimchee. sauerkraut, maybe. it's not particularly korean or german, so let's call it pickles. if you asked me for pickles on myspace, i will let you know when they are ready, unless they don't taste good, then i will be embarrassed and not tell you. they seem good now.

2) what's up with this earth balance with actual butter in it? is this a copyright infringement? i saw some in whole foods (sorry, co-op. i'll make it up to you.) and was a little frightened. the earth balance website says nothing about it. does anybody know?

3) the 4th st. food co-op needs new members. when noone is working, they have to lock the store and they they may as well not exist. sad for me. sad for farmers. sad for the neighborhood.

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jonimarie said...

i totally bought that earth balance with real butter in it by accident! ARRGHHH!