Wednesday, December 26, 2007

possible kombucha pedigrees

big slimy pancake
floppy slimy pancake
gelatinous slimy pancake
is this right?
can this kill me if it's wrong?
is it ok that i dropped this on the floor?
i think it's ok, yeah, it's ok.
ok ok.
translucent blue
a little bit orange
pale green orb
my first time
kinda fuzzy
five second rule kombucha


thecoloroflight said...

This morning my cabbage rolled off the top of my refrigerator shelf and down into the bottom section, where my pending Kombucha mother-child was safely located in a large mason jar. The cabbage attack successfully tipped over the jar, spilling its contents on the kitchen floor. I quickly increased the 5 second rule to 15, allowing for some brief anguish and much sadness as I watched the helpless virgin Kombucha slip across the white tiles.

carmichael said...

that's beautiful.
and sad. did the zooglea/scoby/pancake survive? mine was looking funky in a bad way, and i washed it with water. i don't know if this is ok.
you know, i'm much more into watching this stuff grow than i am into drinking it.
what was your cabbage doing on the top shelf? it sounds hazardous. you wouldn't put a bowling ball on the top shelf.

thecoloroflight said...

It certainly has survived and produced more mothers.
I would say that if it yours received any contamination from the floor, it would produce mold on the top, and would be a good idea to start over. That looks like this:
But of course that would obviously be a bad sign.

My cabbage rests on the top shelf because it's the only shelf I have at the moment.

And no, I wouldn't put a bowling ball on the top shelf because they don't need to be cold. I also don't think I'll ever own a bowling ball.

I find it incredible that we're discussing this.

thecoloroflight said...
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thecoloroflight said...

For some reason the link gets cut off. But it's on the Kombucha wikipedia article

carmichael said...

that kombucha is incredibly resilient!
i can't believe what mine has survived.
to be honest, i'm not a huge fan of drinking it, but i really like to grow things. i left some in a glass in my room, with some lemon juice and agave and a straw in it. about a month later, i finally washed the jar and saw that it had reproduced! in a dirty jar with a straw and my germs in it. crazy.

i stocked cabbages on the top shelf at the co-op yesterday and remembered what a bad idea it was but i did it anyway!