Tuesday, December 11, 2007

things besides kimchee

1) look. i baked a loaf of bread and it looked like a butt.

2) amasake. hrm. it incubated in the oven for about 18 hours, somewhere between 90 and 140 degrees. then i added some water and boiled it all to make it stop fermenting. it was sweet and delicious. i put some cinnamon on it and ate it like rice pudding. then later i cooked it with some extra water and drank it. it tasted really good but it was chunky even after i blended it. i don't know. i'm drinking some now and it's not that exciting. but it was good the day i made it. i'll try it again later. maybe it should be strained rather than blended. also, i think it can be used as a sweetener.

3) the avocolada at pure food and wine. amazing. also, the mallomars.

4) i haven't had any alcohol or nicotine or anything else that could be considered a drug besides caffeine since thanksgiving. and i feel less depressed. but i'm not swearing it off completely. i'll probably drink whiskey with my grandpa on christmas, but i'm not going to drink lots of beer just to be social and smoke cigarettes as an excuse to lure people outside of bars to make out. i can try to be social without it, and probably feel healthier physically and mentally, and i can find better ways to deal with anxiety and then i can spend more money on comic books and kimchee, too. anyway, it doesn't really effect this blog.

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