Saturday, May 3, 2008

not themed today. man i like cookies.

ok, here's my backyard, pretending it's in the suburbs, sorta.

and here are some sprouts:

surely, you can get better information about sprouts elsewhere.
but, for whatever it's worth, mung beans are super easy to spout. wheat berries and aduki beans take longer.
i've been sprouting things to eat and sprouting things to grow... sprouting to grow in dirt, to eat in mason jars. i'm not necessarily making sense. maybe i'm trying to tell kate that she should post about gravy now and also post the pictures of the best scrabble game ever. because perfection is not what i'm going for here.

to sprout mung beans:

for a 16 oz jar of sprouts, i think i used 2 tbl of mung beans (organic from the co-op . do it.)
+put the mung beans in the jar. and then fill it with water.
+put a piece of cheesecloth or some kind of fabric over the top of the jar and secure it with a rubber band.
+let the beans soak in the water overnight.
+in the morning, turn the jar upside down and let the water drain out, into a bowl, if you, perhaps, don't want water all over your floor.
+once or twice a day, pour some water into the jar, shake it out, and dump it upside down again.

after 3 or 4 days the jar will be jam packed full of sprouts.
and you can eat them out of the jar or deep fry them or whatever.

i think they make a great addition to kimchee stirfry.

by the way, buy some kimchee, i made 2 gallons. organic vegan spicy blah blah i wish it were local but it's not really.

we had a may day party yesterday and i didn't take any pictures, but i should have because chris, olivia, and jason all made really beautiful cakes and it was, well, it was lovely. even with the dog running around with a tampon in it's mouth.

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