Wednesday, April 16, 2008

new home in crown heights

uh, hi everybody who still reads this.
i've been both busy and depressed at the same time. i mean, basically hiding in my new house avoiding human contact but starting a bunch of projects.
here is my gorgeous kitchen:

and here are a lot of things sprouting:
basil, broccoli, lettuce, eggplant, watermelon, snap peas, red chard, zinnias, sunflowers, morning glories, and i'm not sure what else.

i'm starting two kinds of compost bins, a worm bin and a big old chickenwire compost bin that i'll have to get some leaves or hay for.
my backyard is pretty much a big pit of rocks and broken glass with some lead and mercury filled dirt in it. but we're picking out the glass and rocks, building raised beds, getting less polluted dirt, planting grass, hanging a hammock, and planting veggies and flowers. all that good stuff.

i started some more kimchee, with apples this time. there's a dumpling restaurant, i think on broome street near allen, that has a kimchee sandwich with apples in it. yum. anyway, seems like a good idea.

i'm learning how to use a circular saw and a drill. i already knew how to use the drill, but i keep breaking drill bits. also, it's annoying but obvious that power tools were built for man hands, and are harder to use when you have small lady hands.

other projects will include making soap, and, i dunno, outdoor stuff.
maybe kate has something to say about gravy?


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John Plummer said...

Your new house looks great! And I want to know how the kimchee with apples turns out.

carmichael said...

dear tv de plasma,

good luck with future spamming. hope you sell a few plasma tvs.


the new house is so much better than i could have expected, but we haven't gotten out act together with the internet, so i'm using the neighbor's... apples seem to work out great in kimchee. they don't stay crunchy but they add some sweetness and they don't go bad or anything, i like them in the mix, especially with ginger. the batch i made with apples got a little dry, but i don't think it was because of the apples. it was in a jar with a loose lid resting in a sauce pan to catch and liquid spillage, and one morning there was a lot of liquid in the pan and not much in the jar. mysterious. i should have just poured it back in, but i tossed it.

John Plummer said...

I'll have to try making it with apples. I like pickled fruit, so I think I would enjoy it.

Stephanie said...

Your kitchen is beautiful. I have gas stove envy. Enjoy the new house! Are you still living with Kate?