Wednesday, February 13, 2008

hot carob! put it up boract! oh!

hot carob!

it doesn't make a palindrome half as good as "hot tuba! put it up a butt! oh!" but it is yummy and simple to make and a soothing hot beverage.

kate gave me this "recipe."
i am not quoting here. just retelling.
put some carob in a tiny pan. mix it with a little bit of water with a whisk. add a mugful of soy/rice/almond/whatever milk. whisk and heat. add some sweetener and vanilla. i used vanilla soymilk, so i didn't need to add anything. probably with some almond milk it would need a little maple and vanilla. anyway, yum.

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chris said...

for what it's worth, it also contains a small amount of theobromine.