Tuesday, October 16, 2007

sheese? comic about invisible hands?


thank you, e. darling.

i will therefore actually post something, sometime soon.

there's this mythical substance, by the way, called "sheese."
i saw it in the refrigerator case at the 4th street food co-op. there were so many kinds and it was so expensive that i just kind of got overwhelmed and left. (don't shop with an untreated undiagnosed anxiety disorder. better off shopping drunk and hungry, seriously.) BUT as i was leaving, this very cute very friendly girl who was sitting on the curb asked me if i found what i was looking for, and well the answer was basically that i'm a cheapskate, but what i also was apparently looking for was a bunch of new friends and something to do with my hours and hours of free time every day. so i'm joining the 4th street food co-op. more on that later. and i suppose i'll buy some of that sheese and have a wine and sheese party to rival veda and bianca's wine and cheese party! (more on that later)

btw, if you want a weird zine of comics that has nothing to do with food, send me an address.

i will be magnificently late for work.


Elaine said...

I feel very honored at the moment.

Kittee said...

i read your blog too. you hooked me with the ice cream video.