Tuesday, October 23, 2007


i'm not going to pretend to be poor.
i am able to go to the grocery store and buy whatever i want.
therefore i am not poor.

however . . . my refrigerator recently broke and i had to throw out much of its contents (which actually were pretty scant in the first place since my roommates don't cook and i have like one friend left to occasionally cook with (hi veda!) and nobody loves me and i can't cook for just me, it's too depressing, so i just eat leftovers from work or oatmeal or frozen chocolate frosting.)

BUT today one of the chefs at work gave me a huge bag with cardoons in it. and i was going to play "iron chef i have nothing but cardoons and pickles and olive oil in my apartment."

until i got home and realized they were not only limp but also moldy!!!
and i ate leftovers con hot sauce instead.
and i have no tales of cooking cardoons for you.
though they looked like a challenge. spines and all.

cry cry cry.


TARA said...

omg. carmichael. yr post. so good! enough already. can we be friends? i like to eat. and to hangout around kitchen tables. how about it. yes?

carmichael said...

are you the tara that i've met a few times in the company of d-hole? or are you a tara i've yet to meet?
if you're the tara i've met, yes, of course, let's have a potluck or something. i miss the days of potlucks...send me an email.
if you're another tara, maybe give me an email address or something?