Wednesday, April 4, 2007

good times

i'm re-posting this myspace bulletin from beth, because it was created in the permanent holiday spirit that i feel this blog espouses.

"1 english muffin, garlic powder, salt, VEGAN GOURMET cheese, SOY GARDEN butter.

(i used the monterary jack cheese because the mozzarella and cheddar was out. it's fucking good.)

1. open english muffin, spread on butter, sprinkle on salt and garlic powder then GRATE vegan gourmet cheese and put that on. then put it in the toaster oven and watch the goodness reveal itself.

followed up with a glass of soy chocolate milk: hell fuckn yeah."

"oh and the only reason i used garlic powder was because i believe achieving the garlic taste that i prefer is only able thru sauteeing or roasting fresh garlic whereas garlic powder and a little salt is very robust. does that make sense?"

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