Monday, March 12, 2007

eat the doughnut///don't kill animals

i knew it already, but it's nice to have a study to back me up.

from the atlantic:
"a study in the journal of consumer research argues that you probably should have eaten that third glazed doughnut after all. the authors find that regret over indulgence and gluttony diminishes with time, but regret over missing out--doing the responsible thing and deferring gratification--only increases. . . . indeed, the authors write, it suggests that long-term thinking is worst in the long-term--that it willl minimize your guilt in the here-and-now, but over the long haul it will lead to chronic, throbbing remorse over junk food uneaten and money unspent." (i'm thinking sleater-kinney shows missed, mud not wrestled in, people not kicked or kissed, etc. but what i'm saying is it's often better to stay up all night drinking wine with your best friend and eating rice pudding with your hands than it is to go to bed on time and get up well-rested for your crappy pointless job. and of course you want the doughnut. everyone wants the doughnut.)

and this would be a perfect lead-in to my vegan doughnut recipe, but it's been years since i acually made the doughnuts, and i don't have a vat of oil right now, so i'll test it out when i can and then share it, thereby avoiding giving anybody a potentially yukky recipe. but it's coming soon.

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para siempre!!!