Thursday, March 8, 2007

the answer is agar

these are some of my goals. they're not all of my goals, mind you, just a few of my goals relevent to this blog.

vegan jello shots
i've tried twice, and the second time was measurably better than the first, and when frozen was like a vodka granita, but still a little gross. i won't share the recipe, because it's still awful, but it will be here soon enough.

creme brulee
i've been a vegan since i was fifteen. so i've never had one.

whipped cream
yeah, i know you can buy vegan whipped cream, and it's pretty good, too. but i want to get a dispenser with a nitrous oxide canister and i want to make almond, hazelnut, coconut, and soy-based whips. but kids, whip-its give you brain damage, and you want to be clever vegan hedonists, right? well, maybe just a few times.

cinnamon buns
ok, i've made vegan cinnamon buns before and they were great, but i don't have a recipe exactly, so i'll have to make them again. the same goes for doughnuts. chocolate-frosted doughnuts. that's right.

nut and soy based cheeses
there are a million recipes out there for vegan cheeses. which of them are any good? i don't want to eat anything that tastes like ear wax. also, i want the cheese to melt on my pizza, goddammit. my great-grandparents did not get on a boat and cross the atlantic to put me in a world without pizza. actually, vegan gourmet cheese alternative is fabulous. but we're going to work out a recipe. guess what's in it? agar agar. that's right.

there's vegan nutella at at least one hasidic grocery store (on hewes street a block or two below broadway) but it's not as good as it could be. too sweet, not rich enough.


Matthew said...

i was thinking about your vegan cheese challenge. to date, i've had one truly awesome vegan cheese. it was at a place called pizza pi, in seattle. it was gooey, melty, stretchy, and held together just enough. awesome.

anyway, i just posted a comment down a few posts about coconut oil. perhaps this, and other oils (?) that are solid at room temp but melt at just above, could be the key to melty pizza. i'm going to start working on this one.

Anonymous said...

I bought a very good vegan nutella at - it's Chocoreale brand (they have hazelnut and two others - I've only tried the hazelnut kind). It's been a while since I had real nutella, so my memory might fail, but this stuff rocked. Rich, thick, perfect balance of chocolate and hazelnut - gorgeous when melted and drizzled over strawberries (ok, I doused them in the stuff).