Monday, September 22, 2008


Two very important questions with regard to popcorn:

1.) What do you put on your popcorn?
a.) I prefer nutritional yeast and garlic (of course), but have had equally spectacular results with chili powder. I know that a certain someone on this blog favors curry powder.

2.) Are there other grains and seeds that pop like popcorn? If I wanted to pop wheat berries, what would happen. Vegan hedonists, PLEASE ADVISE!


Anonymous said...

1) Nothing interesting, except sugar, if you consider that to be adventurous.

2) I didn't know. But I was curious and poked around.

"Amaranth flour is used in gluten-free recipes. The seed can be steamed and eaten as a pilaf or cereal, or popped like popcorn. "

"Just lightly coat the bottom of a pan with oil and heat. Add a layer of wheatberries and they will puff up a bit but not like popcorn."

"Able to be popped like popcorn, popped millet goes well in breakfast cereals, granola and bread."

"Quinoa has even been popped..."

"Sorghum... can also be popped like popcorn..."

Here's a page with details on the amaranth:

carmichael said...

2) hrm.
i have popped amaranth. it's kind of a pain in the have to do it in really small batches (like 2 tbl or less) or it burns. but the parts that aren't burned taste good.
millet and quinoa ought to pop. but i dunno. quinoa just burned when i tried, as opposed to popping and burning at the same time like the amaranth. millet i have not tried. wheat berries might not work. but then, you see these "puffed grains" in stores. maybe there is a steaming process or some sort of high pressure situation.

1) popcorn without garlic and nutritional yeast is like cookies without chocolate chips? technically still popcorn but what's the point?

kittee said...

1. I like my popcorn with salt, nutritional yeast and Old Bay seasoning. I also like with nutritional yeast and a few splashes of Tabasco.

2. I have no additional info about grain poppage.


Tao Lin said...

i like the chia seed popcorn at lifethyme

Anonymous said...

I love popcorn with nutritional yeast, a dash of olive oil and adobo with pepper. It tastes almost vaguely of pepperoni pizza. If I could find tomato powder...

Veggie Wedgie said...

I put seaweed in my popcorn! I also like amaranth pop!

Anonymous said...

I like experimenting with the oils I make the popcorn with. It can also be really tasty to add salt and paprika and lime juice, although you have to be careful not to turn the popcorn into a soggy mess with the lime juice.

And really, just salt and black pepper can be delicious. It's best when the corn is popped with olive oil.