Thursday, November 1, 2007


um, this sheese stuff actually tastes like cheese.
i'm eating the smoked cheddar kind. they have several different kinds and they're all imported from scotland and therefore rather pricey and consumptive of fossil fuels. but so is cheese, isn't it?
i've also heard good things about the gouda and bad things about the edam. i've assumed good things about all the others.
it's kinda weird. the texture is kinda like clay. was cheese like that?
the last time i tasted anything like this, i'm sure i suffered greatly (lactose intolerance before my vegan days). as far as my body is concerned, dairy is not edible.
but this is very very similar.
i'll have to ask someone who actually eats cheese for an opinion!

meanwhile, sheese and apples!
maybe macaroni and sheese. i mean, the "regular" nutritional yeast kind. plus sheese on top. i'm going to stop now because these scots are not, in fact, paying me to advertise for them.


Kittee said...

i tried sheese when i was in portland over the summer. i can't remember the kinds i tried, but no me gusta!

glad you're enjoying it!


Kate said...

I have heard mixed reviews on sheese. Sounds like something I can't afford.

carmichael said...

i asked someone who actually eats cheese. she said the same thing that i did...that the flavor was remarkably like cheese (she thought the "smoky cheddar" tasted like gouda) but that the texture was like clay, not like cheese.
we ate it with red pears.

jury is still out.

definitely too expensive to pursue as a regular grocery item...

...but worth trying, if you miss cheese enough to spare ten bucks for it. i think i'd rather buy kimchee and vegenaise though.