Wednesday, October 3, 2007

oh but you don't understand our love

i'm not ashamed.

one night this summer (or more likely it was this spring) i stumbled home by myself at 2 am or so and opened up the refrigerator, searching for some greater meaning in my life. but what i saw instead was a jar of kimchee, and right next to it, my trusty jar of vegenaise. hell yeah, i thought, as i grabbed them both and put a frozen veggie burger in the toaster oven. what resulted was a veggie burger on toasted sourdough with some garlic roasted green beans (leftovers), vegenaise, and spicy cabbage kimchee. hell yeah, i thought again, as i devored the 2 am sandwich.

since then, i have put kimchee and vegenaise on everything. on bread with or withouth other items, on tofudogs, in quesadillas, with chips, on top of tomatoes, in bowls of rice and beans, on cold pasta, with cold potatoes, with crackers, with chickpeas out of the can, in soup--pretty much on everything. it's just so good!


trina said...

I think that is a genius combination.

Anonymous said...

I love the combination so much. I learned it in a cooking class when I was in the middle school in korea. The original recipe had fried kimchee, but I also prefer raw kimchee.