Wednesday, May 9, 2007

kool-aid pickles

ok. this may be exactly where brilliant meets insane, but i fully support it.

i think...well, first i think "ew," then i remember the sweet and salty balls at the vegetarian dim sum house on pell street (yes, there is an all vegetarian dim sum restaurant. the food is greasy and bland for the most part, but the place is exciting because it's novel and the dim sum set-up encourages people to share food. when you go there you can try several different things and not pay much money at all. also, there is hot chili oil.) and i remember pickled jalepeno peppers chased with beer and chipotle-cucumber margaritas and. . .no i still think they sound sickly-sweet, especially after i read that a whole pound of sugar goes into a gallon jar of pickles. but i'd totally try them and i totally support them and they're totally vegan.


Matthew said...

this blew my mind

Francesca said...

OMG.. I used to dip pickle chips in a kool-aid and sugar mixture! Sooo delicious.